Through The Keyhole by Suzanne Sharma

Through the keyhole by Suzanne sharma

‘Ron Gaite!’ shouted Mrs Gaite, ‘how could you hit your younger brother? This is not the usual Ron we see now, is it?’

‘But, but..’ replied Ron, but he couldn’t finish what he was saying before his Mum responded.

‘No excuses Ron, I am extremely disappointed and that’s why you are grounded for today!’

‘Grounded?’ Ron asked.

‘No arguments, ok?’ his mum replied. ‘Is that clear?’

‘Yes’ muttered Ron.

He quietly walked off to his room. Ron wasn’t the sort of boy to argue or be rude, it was just that his younger brother Ryan got into him into trouble all the time. Ron shut the door of his room and was about to burst into tears, tears of anger. ‘I swear I want to kill my brother,’ he said to himself, ‘actually he’s not my brother, he’s an idiot!’ Just as this thought rose in his mind, he noticed something. It was a miniature door. It was strange that Ron had never seen this door before even after living in the house for over 9 years.  ‘I must be seeing things,’ he said to himself, reassuringly. But as he turned away he saw several doors with little keyholes.

Now you see Ron’s imagination very easily runs free so he started walking towards the door to peer through the keyhole to see what was on the other side, but just as he looked through, a flash of beaming light shined in his eyes, almost blinding him. ‘Ouch!’ he cried as his eyes started watering up. A second later Ron was sucked into the keyhole.

Minutes later Ron landed on a wet patch of grass which seemed to have appeared in the middle of nowhere. Ron felt a wave of fear sweep up him. This place did not seem friendly or pleasant. He picked up the courage and started to walk onwards but not even one minute later, a talking book appeared in front of him and started asking him so many questions so quickly that he did not understand. To Ron it seemed like a Maths book with multiple symbols but the thing he couldn’t understand was: is there such a thing as a talking book? And why would there be a strange and unfamiliar looking book in the middle of nowhere? He tried to escape but then another book appeared in front of him which seemed to have the word ‘ENGLISH’ wrote on it.

Ron had no idea what was going on and before he had time to think of anything Volderort from Harry Potter appeared. He was Ron’s worst fear. Ron tried thinking hard about what was happening. He then realised that all his worst fears were coming to life: Voldemort, Maths, literacy – his WORST FEARS!

It was up to Ron to resolve the situation but he did nothing. He just sat there saying. ‘I’m scared of you,’ and guess what? Just like that Ron was back at home, safe and sound. Simple. There was just one thing that was bugging him – would anyone believe him when he told everyone about this?

The Confusion by Ella Crawford

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Willow who was eight years old. She had not yet experienced the dangers of life therefore she was not afraid of the future. One day, she went shopping with her mum and saw the strangest sight. A little girl was holding onto a lamppost and her fingers were slipping. It looked as though she was getting sucked in through the door of the convenience store. But that wasn’t the strangest bit of it. Willows mum had disappeared and the little girl appeared to be shrinking! The last Willow saw of her was when she let out a high pitched squeal and then she disappeared.

Willow was flabbergasted, she screamed and stepped back, tripping over her feet. Reluctantly she walked into the store, not having a choice. She pushed herself on, unwillingly, noticing very oddly that every box, tub and carton had a little door in it. ‘How strange’ she whispered to herself. ‘Strange indeed’ said a snail below her. Willow gasped in shock, looking down. ‘You are worthy my dear, worthy as can be!’ And that was the last Willow heard of the snail. She repeatedly went over these words in her head wondering what they meant. Her eyes were closed at this point but when they opened…oh…what a sight!

Giant palm trees sprouted up from the ground, reaching high into the dark night sky. Lush green vines and clumps of grass hung everywhere. Great big night owls soaring high above her, blinking their round eyes continuously. The moon glistened high above her, the stars twinkling, looking almost as if they were warning her. ‘What?’ she muttered to herself. Then all of a sudden a huge dragon scooped her up in its large scaly arms! ‘LET ME GO, LET ME GO!’ she cried.

Then just as she was about to cry the fire in her bust out and lashed the dragons face. She grabbed a sword randomly floating in the air and sliced the dragon well and truly dead. Then crowds of tiny people came bursting out of every single nook and cranny there was. ‘What?’ she enquired. But her words were muffled by the people hugging and squeezing her…

Then she was scooped up by them and carried away to a castle. When they entered she saw velvet curtains and cushions. She saw two thrones with embedded jewels, outlined in gold. There was a large banquet stretched out on a long, long table. As I mentioned before there were two thrones and the little people plopped her down on one. ‘Who else lives here?’ she said curiously. The people just shrugged and then pointed to a large portrait. In the portrait she could see lots of little people and what looked like a king and queen. There was a lady who looked a lot like her mum, then a little person called the others and they worshipped her forever.

My Story by Xiao Ye Weng

I was somewhere else, a different place, a different world, a different dimension. At first I felt nervous and scared, alone and shivering. I walked slowly and quietly along the path looking out for any attacks. The surroundings looked like crisps and popcorn, as if it was crisp land. I had a taste of the tree crisps, wondering if I should eat them or not. They tasted crunchy and crispy but not at all poisonous. As I kept on walking, in my view, I could see a gingerbread hut all decorated from top to bottom.

From the window of the hut I could see an old woman staring at me, smiling too, as if she already knew me. She opened the door and offered me to go in. I knew I could trust her, the smile on her face made me feel warm and welcomed. She was like my grandmother. As I sat down playful elves were dancing around saying words that that I didn’t understand. It was as if they were this old woman’s companions. Finally she broke the silence by talking to me about her trapped friends while I had a drink of hot chocolate. She spoke to me for hours upon hours, giving me advice upon advice. It wasn’t long before it was bedtime so she gave me a blanket and I slept, not worrying about the danger.

The next morning the wise woman gave me everything I needed in a magic backpack where you can put many things inside. I followed the path to the portal palace where it was said that there is only one portal and you tell it where you want to go. It will then teleport you to that place.

When I got there I had some food to give me energy and prepared for a battle if the enemy spotted me. Finally it was time to go. As I approached the magic portal I began telling the portal where I wanted to go. I suddenly felt all weird and dizzy and that’s when I found myself all cramped up at the start of the tunnel.

As I approached the cell I took a deep breath and crawled. Eventually I got to the end of the tunnel and without hesitation I opened a door finding several elves sat in a corner crying. As they finally noticed me watching, they danced with joy. It took a while to calm the elves down, then we sped into the tunnel quick.

As we approached the portal we held hands and shouted where we wanted to go. A few seconds later we were at the wise woman’s front door. Before I went home I had food there and we chatted for a while. I waved to them as I went. I could also hear her saying thank you and come back soon.

I suddenly felt another dizziness and that’s when I found myself in my own bed at home. The last sentence I spoke was: ‘was that a dream of was it real?’

A World Of Imagination by Ethel Amin

Knock, knock, knock, what was that? My heart was pounding. I was ready to hide. There it went again, the same noise…knock, knock, knock…creeping out of bed, I went to investigate. A curious sparkling sound then I saw it, mysterious mouse sized door. As I stared at it, a flash and a bang swallowed me in, like someone slurping on a cup of tea…I think it’s just a dream, I’ll just unwind and everything will be back to normal…or will it?

Where am I? How did I get here? Why am I on this super comfy cloud? Billions of hysterical people run around my mind shouting questions for me to answer. I became frozen and puzzled until an ancient sheet of paper appeared in front of me. It read: Your journey will include fighting, friendship and danger! I will help you along the way, leaving riddles to help you. Do not trust anyone but yourself. Have a safe journey my friend and good luck!

All of a sudden the cloud tilted over and I slid all the way down until my body landed on a gummy worm, but not as I imagined. They were sad, sullen and grief stricken. As I looked over the horizon at a land full of sorrow and grief I could see dead bodies piled on top of each other, like a carpet. It was a war. I glared at their sad faces, most of their land had been eaten and stolen by zombies and clowns. ‘If you can save us we would give you all the sweets in the world’ they were saying as they wept.

I did not know whether to trust them or not. A piece of antique paper flew down at me, the same one as before. Follow your instincts and look into your heart. What did that mean? After all they did look kind of innocent, however there was something strange in their voices, they changed as they spoke.

All of a sudden a big flash sucked me out, back into my bed. I woke up, beep, beep, beep, my alarm. I had just been dreaming. When it was time for breakfast I told everyone my crazy dream. I then thought: should I have told them or not? After all, my dream was a real life lesson…follow your instincts.

During Maths an image came into my head from my dream. ‘No one believes in the fantasy but you.’ I felt I was losing my belief in the fantasy and it was fading away. All day I tried to believe, but nothing.

My friends encouraged me (tried to I suppose), but it didn’t work. All night I wrestled in my bed until I accidentally fell asleep. My mind whizzed around. I don’t think I passed the quest. That was what it was like, night and day, twenty four seven. A couple of years later I realised why I was even bothered about my fantasy. Children  always believe anything is possible (if you are seven and  below)


Candy World by Mason Thorpe

One cold and frosty morning while I was playing on my tablet (I can’t remember what game I was playing) I noticed a funny little door under the shelf in the corner of the bedroom. I could hear a strange noise from behind the little door, it sounded like footsteps and then…..was the door creaking or was it just my imagination? I could hear strange voices speaking. Slowly opening the door, I saw a shadow lurking at the end of a winding dark and gloomy tunnel. As I held onto the door I felt myself shrinking, feeling very scared I was soon small, small enough to go through the door into the dark tunnel.

When my eyes got used to the dark I could see candy all over the walls and on the floor. Out of the corner of my eye I could see a gingerbread man. I was so excited about tasting all this delicious stuff I forgot all about the creepy shadows at the end of the tunnel.

Picking up some candy and licking my lips I walked down the tunnel and all of a sudden a crazy clown jumped out at me laughing with a crazy voice. I was shaking so much I could hear my bones rattling. I thought I would have a heart attack but I fainted and fell like a rag doll on the floor.

When I woke up I was feeling dizzy. I could hear people laughing and I could hear the clown’s footsteps and as they came closer they got louder and louder. Then a boy shouted ‘let’s run away quickly, this way,’ and we both ran as fast as we could. We could see a candy tree and as we got closer we could see the branches were jelly cola bottles and the leaves were gummy bears. As quick as we could we climbed up the tree and hid in the sticky leaves. We stayed as quiet as we could and we saw the clown run passed the tree. He did not see us hiding in there.

The boy told me his name was Jeff and he gave me a high five. We sat in the tree all night and had a party. We stuffed our faces with the jelly cola bottles and the gummy bear leaves until we both had belly ache and could eat no more.

We had the best night ever laughing about the stupid clown running past us. We told each other jokes and funny stories and we soon fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning I was in my own bed in my own bedroom…was it all just a silly dream or was it a magic adventure?