Candy World by Mason Thorpe

One cold and frosty morning while I was playing on my tablet (I can’t remember what game I was playing) I noticed a funny little door under the shelf in the corner of the bedroom. I could hear a strange noise from behind the little door, it sounded like footsteps and then…..was the door creaking or was it just my imagination? I could hear strange voices speaking. Slowly opening the door, I saw a shadow lurking at the end of a winding dark and gloomy tunnel. As I held onto the door I felt myself shrinking, feeling very scared I was soon small, small enough to go through the door into the dark tunnel.

When my eyes got used to the dark I could see candy all over the walls and on the floor. Out of the corner of my eye I could see a gingerbread man. I was so excited about tasting all this delicious stuff I forgot all about the creepy shadows at the end of the tunnel.

Picking up some candy and licking my lips I walked down the tunnel and all of a sudden a crazy clown jumped out at me laughing with a crazy voice. I was shaking so much I could hear my bones rattling. I thought I would have a heart attack but I fainted and fell like a rag doll on the floor.

When I woke up I was feeling dizzy. I could hear people laughing and I could hear the clown’s footsteps and as they came closer they got louder and louder. Then a boy shouted ‘let’s run away quickly, this way,’ and we both ran as fast as we could. We could see a candy tree and as we got closer we could see the branches were jelly cola bottles and the leaves were gummy bears. As quick as we could we climbed up the tree and hid in the sticky leaves. We stayed as quiet as we could and we saw the clown run passed the tree. He did not see us hiding in there.

The boy told me his name was Jeff and he gave me a high five. We sat in the tree all night and had a party. We stuffed our faces with the jelly cola bottles and the gummy bear leaves until we both had belly ache and could eat no more.

We had the best night ever laughing about the stupid clown running past us. We told each other jokes and funny stories and we soon fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning I was in my own bed in my own bedroom…was it all just a silly dream or was it a magic adventure?

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